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The benefits of drinking coffee
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The benefits of drinking coffee
The benefits of drinking coffee

According to US government recently announced the latest dietary guidelines, for the first time will be included in a healthy menu of coffee, creamer and sugar but must not endanger health, 5 cups a day or even ingestible it anyway.
Coffee contains more biologically active compounds, including methylxanthines, such as caffeine, theobromine and tea base, as well as flavonoids and phenols, Has a refreshing effect, can take a variety of pre-disease cardiovascular disease, some cancers, diabetes, migraine for also has sedative analgesic effect.

The benefits of drinking coffee, much more than you think
1. to prevent a variety of cancers
Many foreign study reported that drinking coffee can prevent a variety of cancers, including liver cancer, endometrial cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and the like.

2. Tony analgesic effect, most commonly used to relieve headaches
Many people have had the experience of drinking coffee mitigation headache, migraine because it is often caused by vasodilation, while coffee can promote vasoconstriction,
But migraine sufferers to be especially careful to 100 mg per day should limit caffeine.

3. anti-oxidation, cardiovascular protection
Coffee is rich in plant-based elements, or cooking in the brewing process will be released, especially plant flavonoids, has a protective effect on the cardiovascular and antioxidant effects.

4. to reduce the risk of dementia
According to Taiwan's dementia Association data show that Taiwan's 65 years old, about 280 million, of which, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), 18.67%; Dementia
Population accounted for 8.09%. The coffee ingredients, coffee and even joy in life, all contribute to delay the arrival of dementia.

5. regulate blood sugar, diabetes is not the upper body
In the past, adult-onset diabetes occurs after the age of 40, and now there are 20, 30-year-old clinic is no lack of young adults, has become a common disease of civilization. About coffee on blood sugar
Has the role of regulation, there are already many studies at home and abroad.

6. moderate drinking, improve asthma
Caffeine inhibit human "LEUKOTRIENSE" Synthesis, reduce the body's inflammatory response, very similar to the current non-steroidal anti-asthmatic often used
Pharmaceutical ingredients, therefore, is considered to have a preventive role in asthma.

7. to prevent gallstones, to help discharge pebbles
Stones experienced person narrative, together with the production of stone pain, like pain, coffee can not only help the gallbladder, a small diameter in stone when excreted, but also prevent stone formation.

8. antidepressants, enhance the well-being
Caffeine is not only a central nervous system stimulant, can enhance nerve signal transmission and reduce chronic stress, people suffering from depression, you can take an antidepressant under the direction of a physician, and then with a cup of coffee, enhanced mitigation melancholy.

9. a cup of coffee, enjoying losing weight:
Obesity is not only the enemy of health, but also the beauty of the men and women most care about things.
But weight loss is not easy, in the diet should be restraint, should be able to effectively get rid of fat hypertrophy Lu.
Caffeine not only appetite suppressant function, but also to break down triglycerides into free fatty acid and glycerol,
Just through exercise, can be effective fat metabolism, to achieve weight-loss purposes.

Coffee fat burning secrets:
Caffeine can promote the role of metabolism, it enables the lipase "lipolytic enzymes" activated, make it easier to burn fat; 1 hour before exercise and drink a cup of black coffee, slimming effect is doubled.

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